Transformational Festival Photoshoots


Professional photoshoots while at transformational festivals can ensure you capture  your happiest moments in time forever.  Whether dancing in the crowd or posing with psychedelic art, booking a shoot with me guarantees you amazing pictures at any  festival.  

Besides getting professional photos of you (and your friends if you want!) you will be supporting me and my art and making it possible to capture some of the many incredible moments that festivals provide.

I’m happiest catching people in some of their most joyous moments so please get in touch if you would like to book a shoot with me!


Here are some of the types of pictures we can do:


All kinds of staged portraits alone or with friends, dancing naturally, in nature, walking around exploring and experiencing with friends, practicing yoga or meditation, in front of art, at sunset, at sunrise, hooping, fire, and other flowarts, coverage of your class, music or gig, photos of your products in use at the festival, and anything else you can think of!


Personal Photoshoot Prices:

Package 1:  30 minutes – $75 with ten edited photos delivered.  Up to two people in the shoot for the same price.

Package 2:  1 hour – $150 with 25 edited photos delivered.  Up to three people in the shoot for the same price.

Package 3: $350 2 hours divided into up to 3 different times of the festival.  Includes 1 hour of hair and/or makeup before one of the shoots. Includes delivery of 50 edited photos and up to five people in the shoot for the same price.  


Business Photoshoots:

If you want photos taken of your product in use at festivals please get in touch!

In many cases my prices for business photos are the same as for private shoots but please contact me with your needs so that I can give you a custom quote.  


Fire Photo/Video Shoot:

For fire photoshoots I charge $75 for 3 “spins” within a 1 hour period.  For delivery choose between:  15 edited photos -or- 7 edited photos and 2 minutes of raw video -or- 5 minutes of raw video


Video Shoot:

Video shoot where I deliver raw, unedited video approximately $100 per hour but please contact me for an exact quote.  


Video Editing:

 Video editing really depends on what type and length of video you desire.  Please get in touch with your needs for an exact quote.  


Hair and/or makeup by Chacha Bizarre

$50 for 45 minutes of incredible, natural pampering that will make you look your best for our shoot!  


Here are some photos from my private photoshoots in 2016 and so far in 2017